About expedition


There is no other continent with so many uncharted territories or places where a civilization has not yet entered.

Goal of Expedition

The main objective of the expedition is exploring and studying Pygmy tribes, which have not yet been affected by civilization or which have encountered civilization with only a marginal impact.

One of the objectives will also be the first descent of the Sangha river and of the surrounding tributary streams, which will allow us to reach uncharted areas. In the course of our river cruise, we will survey poaching and illegal logging.

Project Description

The whole territory of central Africa is the last area in the world with deep primeval forests. Many territories have not yet been populated with settlements, with the exception of Pygmies, who live off hunting. Local virgin forests are a haven for large populations of Lowland Gorillas, Chimpanzees, African Forest Elephants, Hippos and many other animal species.

In order to reach such an inaccessible territory, we are going to use a raft, by means of which we will try to make the first descent of the river Sangha. In addition, we will use a boat for transportation on other tributaries leading into the heart of the forest. There we intent to explore Pygmies’ villages, where we would like to establish contact, especially with the tribes who have not yet been civilized. Since these tribes live nomadic lives and often camp on different places, we want to join them in crossing the rainforest to reach one of the Sangha’s tributary. During the course of this journey, we will naturally hunt animals together, pick honey, pitch camps and generally take part in their common way of life, which is the best way to collect information and learn about them. In the course of the following cruise down the River Sangha, we want to explore not only life by the river, but, above all, document unique nature. Another important objective of this project will be finding out about the extent of poaching and plundering the forests in the northern area over the Sangha river descent in Congo and in the south of Cameroon.

The Estimated Date of Expedition

Rainy season - year 2009